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Dancing your shoes off – Brim

Water. Water is all you need. After Brim gig. I mean… Christmas ball. I haven’t danced that much since… ah, since I saw them first time when they danced on a table almost crashing my glass of beer. But of course, I would forgive them as soon as I would see those big smiles on their faces that actually can eat you alive if somehow you didn’t join the party. It was August and I simply ended up in the right place at the right time. I was asked then if I like surf rock. I guess my answer now would be definitely more enthusiastic (damn, ask me again, please!). Well, people who haven’t watched Harold and Maude can definitely talk to my hand (the same will probably happen if you haven’t seen yet Pulp Fiction but here I’m a bit more indulgent…). So from now on those who don’t… Keep Reading


Dancing with the wolves – Johnny And The Rest

An alarm clock. A snooze. Again and again. It becomes a never-ending loop. At some point I started wondering how was it possible that last winter I had been waking up at around 5 a.m. and then I hadn’t needed extra 2 hours to get up from bed. Was that a miracle or what?! God bless Rás2 for playing every single morning Wolves in the night so I had been immediately up… how I miss it recently in those dark mornings! And for now 8 a.m. is enough, I promise, it doesn’t have to be earlier. On one hand, darkness in Iceland doesn’t allow me to get out of bed and lately I realised why some bands will forever and ever explore in their lyrics the subject of sleep and dreams. On the other hand, it creates perfect conditions to befriend some new bands. Like it happened in the dimness… Keep Reading


Putting your bean into my mind – Godchilla

Apparently, I cannot exist without drinking coffee. I confess to being addicted. I had broken the record of 97 hours without so precious caffeine, risking some damages in my surrounding. Even though I’m blessed with coffee beans covered with chocolate. But every time I open a box of them to feed my addiction I hear in my mind words Concentrate on putting your bean into my mind. So I concentrate on putting MY mind into THEIR bean. Godchilla’s one. Montag The Magnificent. There are a few young bands here that in 5 years will definitely kick your ass to death. Just give them enough time. Beyond any doubt Godchilla is one of them. I will begin with the flashback to October 2013. Finally I got the opportunity to see Godchilla in its full glory. A characteristic loft of good old Gamli Gaukurinn was decked out in fairy lights. Three guys… Keep Reading


Open up your fridge, they will be there – Grísalappalísa

I opened my fridge in the morning to grab something to eat. My gaze fell upon a ham package. Weird, immediately a picture of a little blond smiling boy appeared in my mind. Looks like Ali. Ali… Wait, what?! Ok, since that moment I hadn’t needed any cup of coffee, this coincidence just kicked me strong enough. Apparently, the debut album of Grísalappalísa and a brand of ham have way more in common than I used to think. Welcome in Iceland. Pig-legged Lísa (Grísalappalísa) set her first steps in Reykjavík previous spring. She has been loud and really spectacular. It´s actually nothing strange about that because the band is created by seven experienced musicians that this time made… an explosive mixture. They promised they won´t let listeners stay untouched and, no soap, they have kept a pledge! When I saw them first time at Volta, one of their very first… Keep Reading


Going by lift to heaven – Mono Town

Have you ever received a birthday gift that knocked your socks off? I was enough lucky to get an entire festival for my first birthday celebrated in Iceland, woohoo! I will endlessly bless organizers of Reykjavik Music Mess for that. Seeing a band like Mono Town closing the third and the last day of the festival was the kind of experience that will get stuck for a long time in your mind. It was Sunday, around midnight so people started leaving the concert room of venue called Volta that no longer exists (under the name Volta… but right now it’s our good good Húrra) because next day was Monday and the last foreign artists just got off stage (yeah, Withered Hand, you were so good). Before the gig I hadn’t known much about the band except the fact they are pretty promising team. Ok, shame on me. Now I understand… Keep Reading


Getting in the ring with legends – HAM

Do you know that feeling when after such an incredible gig you just need a glass of beer? Not even a cigarette that may decorate this moment, maybe just because it was a crazy windy day in the dark Reykjavík. You were speechless. Noone could rub out a wild smile from your face. You thought that possibly maybe the universe was just destroyed so you were moving in no time and no space. Although you were in the middle of the storm called Iceland Airwaves, you actually didn´t need to see any other band tonight. That was enough joy. That was a blast. (more…) Keep Reading

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