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Kickin’ the trash out with Pink Street Boys

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This year Reykjavík Grapevine wrote an article about the most interesting bathrooms in 101 and there is definitely something about it. I got used to see in those temples of contemplation many art pieces including even Hate The Comfort drawings (hell yeah, check it out!) but this month I was just hanging out in one of very popular venues of Reykjavik downtown… and while washing my hands I stared at the mirror. Instead of my face I saw three big letters P S B. Exactly in this order. Pink Street Boys. How could I not smile to my thoughts? Some women’s rooms are better than others. That one definitely contained positive vibes. A garage punk band Pink Street Boys claims that the guys are actually the loudest team in the city. I think I’m still able to argue with this thesis because nobody has unplugged them yet during the show due to ruining someone else’s performance (…just try…). But it doesn’t really matter when their youthful punk energy almost bubbles away from stage. The more I keep thinking about the best example of Pink Street Boys show, the more convinced I am that the most proper would be to start from the latest one. But you don’t mind if I will have a little flashback, do you? After a year from the day I saw them live for the first time and they caught my attention (once again, I love my friend’s recommendations) I watched them with a real pleasure

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