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Q&A w/Árni Grétar aka Futuregrapher

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Words by Bartek Wilk

Reykjavík on Stage takes a dive into the universe of Árni Grétar, aka Futuregrapher, half of Árni², a member of Weirdcore collective and co-founder of Möller Records label.

These days you’re one of the most recognizable and well-known artists of the Icelandic electro scene. But you worked long and hard to get there. You played lots and lots of concerts and I can’t even count all of your releases. How much energy and work did you have to put in before it finally paid off?

I began writing music early – at the age of 13 in 1996 – and at first it was just for fun, to try and make sense of this life. There is this music competition in Reykjavík called ‘Músíktilraunir’ and it all started there. I once got into the finals with my band, and then a year later another one of my projects won a prize for “best electronic music”. So, before I was 20 I had this dream of making records and traveling the world and playing music. But it took hard work and dedication for many years. I started this Futuregrapher project around the age of 24 and then things started happening. I met Biogen and the Weirdcore – and the rest is history.

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