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Journey of the time with Dynfari

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Stimulate my imagination. Dynfari with its atmospheric black metal has achieved that. They promised me a trip to another world. Experiencing live the new material from the album entitled Vegferð tímans I was profoundly moved by Dynfari and, in fact, provoked in an artistic way.

Some of you have probably already heard of Dynfari since 2010 when the band was formed but I will not stop myself from giving you a meaningful comparison. The band that consists of four members on a stage (Jóhann Örn – vocal and guitar, Jón Emil – drums, Hjálmar – bass and Bragi – guitar) works for me with such a force as Sigur Rós did in the initial dark period that accompanied me while I was taking my first steps into my very own Icelandic world. You know, those times when Jónsi was still long-haired and Kjartan was joking that they play in honor of Satan. The last of three Dynfari‘s albums, Vegferð tímans, made me fall into the darkness in my headphones so deep that I forgot about the fact I was lying on the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever used. During those 56 minutes I opened my eyes only once.

On May 16th, Dynfari played the release show of the third album in depths of Gaukurinn and stimulated my imagination with post black metal to such an extent that it was hard for me to decide whether I was feeling more magic with my eyes closed or looking at a hell of a play of light and silhouettes on the stage. I was told it‘s gonna be a journey in the another world but I didn´t expect such a power.

The first song I heard made the earth part beneath me. Melancholic parts of a clean electric guitar were deceiving and seducing. There were slow intensifying moments until the first stellar burst of the bass drum of which destruction power would beat elements of volcanic rocks of guitar explosion into us and send us far away. Far into ourselves…? Dynfari skilfully controls over its inventory of all explosive materials adding here and there a splash of color to their melodies with a guest appearance of accordion.

A paltry human being experienced something pretty damn intense. How did musicians in Dynfari create so hypnotic music that simply paralyze with beauty? Their music sounds like an escape to a dark icy cave inside yourself where a mysterious ghostly voice of many dark shades persecutes, follows you and is breathing down your neck pushing you into the arms of chaos that anyway attracts you like a magnet. A poor human being is hit by the gusty wind and the only light is a blinding lightning. Such an impression is enhanced by a delicate female vocal joining in Vegferð II – Ad Astra where on the road to yourself the listener reaches the vicinity of the heart.

Finally, Dynfari left the stage. There was a last long expiration and that was end. The band grew up enough to get into a group of those rare bands that can genuinely be called unmissable. The set, indeed, felt like a journey to the other world and resulted in one of the most enchanting performances I have evern seen. I hereby condemn this band to multiple tours because the Icelandic field is too small for them. It´s time to transplant them to the global ground with an extreme caution making sure not to damage the roots. Dynfari presents everything I could summarize by defining as the Icelandic element that works so magically on audiences around the world.


Vegferð Tímans on Youtube

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