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Debut EP of Lightspeed Legend out 30th June!

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Lightspeed Legend is a brain child of Baldvin Freyr Þorsteinsson (known of Sign). The band plays rock and blends together 80’s glam, elements of metal and guitar solos so you can enjoy this pure energy of rock’n’roll. On 30th June (next Thursday), Beautiful Vice is released – a debut EP from Lighespeed Legends that contains 6 original compositions. I’m so looking forward to listening to the studio versions of the songs and at the same time I’m pretty sure the album will meet my expectations of a great quality. In the end, musicians that have played in bands like Sign, Ask the Slave, Momentum, Ophidian I, Endless Dark and Future Future know how to create something amazing and the material was recorded by producer Axel Flex Árnason (who stands behind albums of Skálmöld, The Vintage Caravan and many many others).

Lightspeed Legend is set to play Eistnaflug Festival on 6-9th July. A release show for Beautiful Vice has been planned for the end of summer in Reykjavík and the band wants also to perform a bit around Iceland so not only the capital will have a chance to experience Lightspeed Legend live. It’s definitely worth it so try to not miss it out! Last February they kicked off the gig at Dillon whiskey bar in a great mood and knocked my socks off. I was struck with a solid powerful set full of songs prepared for an upcoming album. They opened the show with the song entitled Beautiful Vice. An aggressive bass line, furious guitars and jurassic drums won my smile in the first minute of the show.

Listen to The Spirit of Man below and don’t hesitate to explore Lightspeed Legend’s soundcloud!

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