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One SS Pylsur With Nothing For The Road To Nowhere

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Words by Wim Van Hooste
The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 1)

The ninth studio album since 2000 by the neo-psychedelic rock band Singapore Sling is a colourful cocktail of Henrik Björnsson’s typical atonal voice, dirty reverb-driven bass lines, a wall of feedback powered guitars and menacing drums. Business as usual? A new ingredient perhaps?

As nihilistic and brutal the previous LP Psych Fuck (Fuzz Club Records, 2015) was, so pessimistic and brassy is Kill Kill Kill (Songs about nothing). 1, 2, 3, 4! Henrik ‘Ramone’ puts his helmet on for a ‘Shake Shake Shake’ shaky and turbulent hell of a ride to nowhere. ‘Scum Scum Scum’, is a scumbag of a song with a black ‘tâche de beauté’ provided by chanteuse and dark dresser Anna Björnsson (of Two Step Horror fame). The third track, ‘Fuck Everything’, will become the anthem of the punks surviving World War III. Song IV is another war song: Blitzkrieg ‘Bop Bop Boo’. In ‘Evil Angel’ Kaktus Einarsson (of Fufanu fame) plays the trumpet like his father did in the outfits The Sugarcubes and Ghostigital. Biker Boy Henrik’s vehicle is back at full speed in the traditional Singapore Sling song entitled ‘Sonic Haus’. More grrrly power when classically trained violinist Magga Stína Blondäl (of Reptile fame) jumps on stage in the songs ‘Surrounded by cunts’ and ‘Nothing’s theme’, and Ester Bibi Ásgeirsdóttir (of Kolrassa Krókríðandi fame) is doing some backing vocals twice on the album. ‘Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)’ is a sort of title track, probably about killing your honey darlings. The military instrumental ‘Nothing’s theme’ lingers in an Oriental sound- and landscape. Final track, ‘Nothing and Nowhere’, is an almost acoustic apotheosis stuffed with love sickness as seen through the eyes of Sergio Leone.

Kill Kill Kill (Songs about nothing) is ear psychocandy for people craving for sugar and candyfloss. The almighty Jesus and Mary Chain will release a longplayer soon as well. Will it be as good as this peak performance in black and red by Henrik & Co? God only knows…

Singapore Sling – Kill Kill Kill (Songs about nothing)
01 Shake Shake Shake
02 Scum Scum Scum
03 Fuck everything
04 Bop Bop Boo
05 Evil Angel
06 Sonic Haus
07 Surrounded by cunts
08 Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)
09 Nothing’s theme
10 Nothing and nowhere

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