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Once upon a time, I discovered something called Iceland Airwaves Festival with its gigantic line-up and that day I decided I want to check out all those wonderful Icelandic bands and artists that performed that year. It was like a hunger attack. I wanted more and more and more… happily I haven’t suffered yet from a kind of sonic bulimia. But over time, in 2010, I got involved into a great project called that is a website fully dedicated to Icelandic music and run mostly in Polish that is my mother language (but you will find there also something in English, no worries).

To be honest, I found the amount of Icelandic gigs in my homeland not big enough so what did I do? I just set my foot in Iceland in early 2013 in the eye of the storm of events on Icelandic music scene. Surrounded by so inspiring and creative people I can watch those sonic flowers growing and blossoming and make my heart happy because I can share bunch of them with you. Well, enjoy.

By the way, here in Iceland they call me Stína.

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