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Indridi - Makril

Indridi shares first single

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One of very talented young artists of Reykjavík is Indriði Ingólfsson, a musician born of local DIY punk scene. Being a lead guitarist in hardcore band Muck is just a part of his artistic activity. Except that, he is also a visual artist and has collaborated on both grounds – music and visual arts – with, to mention a few, Úlfur Hansson (Swords of Chaos, Klive), The Heavy Experience and Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon, JFDR). Luckily for us, delicate melodies with Indriði´s mesmerizing deep emotional voice will be released on his solo debut 12-inch vinyl LP entitled Makril on 29th July via Figure Eight Records. The album contains 10 original songs written and recorded by Indriði. The first single is entitled Dreamcat. You can listen to it below and you have my full recommendation!

The initial album spark came when Indriði and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (múm) presented an visual/audio installation during a residency in New York at the Clocktower Gallery (where the songs Út and Guitarplay were recorded) in the winter of 2013. Last fall, the 24 year-old visual artist and guitar player returned to New York, this time setting up camp in the solitude of a forest upstate for ten days, where he experimented and recorded at Time Tree Studio. With friends and collaborators Aaron Roche (William Tyler, wordless music orchestra, R. Stevie Moore) and Alexandra Drewchin (Guardian Alien), they took walks in the woods, hung out, painted, and recorded very few takes straight to tape, learning analog production techniques as he went.

Most of the songs were written in a troubadour style as Indriði says. He was writing lyrics and playing the guitar that is his most treasured possesion and he was singing the songs instead of just working in a computer. Most of the lead guitar tracks were recorded very simply and in just one sessione because the artist wanted to reach live sound. You can also hear some surprises in the background like airplanes, insects etc., because the microphone was facing out the window during recordings.

At the heart of the album’s concept is Indriði’s kinship with mackerel fish (‘makríll’ in Icelandic) since he was completely obsessed with hunting mackerel, a special fish for Icelanders. The album reflects also his ideas of self exploration and leaving Iceland.

Indridi - MakrilTracklist for Makril

1A. Afogtil
2A. Dreamcat
3A. Paradisa
4A. Guitarplay
5A. Undiraldan
6B. Djésenda
7B. Gæsin og Minkurin
8B. Apar
9B. Asenda
10B. Út

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